Lessons from Basketball According to Coach Chot

Thanks to Transnational Diversified Group for getting the legendary SMART Gilas coach Vicente “Chot” Reyes, more popularly known as Coach Chot as the inspirational speaker in the last TDG Quality Day.


Saksakan ako nang antok noon dahil sa 5am call time pero umurong lahat ng hikab ko when Coach Chot started his talk.

I’d like to share the things I learned from him. These things aren’t only applicable in basketball. These things are applicable in the hardcourt of reality called LIFE! In the game called WORK! :P

The first thing that he reminded us (the star-struck crowd) was 50% of success comes from showing up, because by showing up, one automatically gets 50% of winning.  It follows, of course, that the person who’s a no-show has a zero chance to win. Hence, zero chance to success. Oo nga naman. This is such a simple and obvious truth, yet a lot of us overlook this.

For us to ensure success, there must be a T.E.A.M. T is for Tenacity, E is for Execution, A is for accountability and M is for Motivation.

When a person is tenacious, it means he never ever gives up. We have to be committed to the team and to the goal. Commitment is the starting point of everything. And saan nanggagaling ang commitment? Eh di sa puso!

Coach Chot shared the story of how the SMART Gilas Team was formed. A lot of people were curious why big shots like James Yap and Arwind Santos weren’t part of the team. The reason? The Commitment Letter- an invitation to play that states a member of the Philippine Team must give up vacation, rest and family time until 2014. The PBA superstars I mentioned did not sign the commitment letter.

And those who signed it? Well, we all know what happened to the Smart Gilas team! Wooohooo! Ang galing! Made us all prouder to be Filipinos!

There is no tenacity without any commitment. Pero hindi pwedeng puro puso o tenacity lang…

We must have the obligation to perform or execute for the team.


There are ABCDs of execution. It begins with a can-do ATTITUDE.

Then we shouldn’t just settle in being good. We should brilliant at the BASICS! This is my favorite because this is something my boss, MPS taught me. Acey has not only been my boss. He has always been a mentor too by teaching the basics by example and really making sure that I learn them by heart.

Core CONDITIONING has to be done to be in good shape. I loved what Coach Chot said that we have to activate our core when we feel like we can’t do it anymore. That we must remember why we’re doing something and who we’re doing it for.

And lastly, DRILL! We have to practice all these things because there is no magic formula to it.

Hindi daw pwede lahat magshoot. Lima ang players. Isa lang ang bola. Paano na daw kung limang bwakaw ang nasa court? Alangan naman magsuntukan yung magkakakampi para lang makuha yung bola.

That’s the analogy that Coach Chot gave. Ang galing. Totoo naman kasi that everyone has a role to play. I agree with what he said about championship teams are made of go-to guys and go-through guys. We must think of our roles and how we can use our roles to make our teammates rise with our help.

And naturally, a TEAM will not be complete without…

This comes from within. “No compensation in the world can match with what comes from within you.” ‘Yan ang eksatong sinabi ni Coach.

At ito naman ang eksaktong sinabi ni Hellen Keller kapag may difficult situations, according to Coach, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

Coach wrapped up his awesome talk by reminding us that we all have issues when it comes to work or in other areas of our lives, but there are a million people in the world who would want to be in our place.


I agree with this. Gratitude really is a good perspective-changer. Gratitude is one of the best motivators. Knowing how blessed I am to work in a great company reminds me that there must be something great in me that they have seen. And I will keep on using this so that even in my small yet great way, I will be able to make things greatER.

And so, as I wrap this extra special entry up, I’d like to thank my teammates in Eperformax. We may not always see each other eye to eye but having you all in my life is a big blessing. With you, I’ve seen seemingly impossible things happen through our hardwork and desire to excel. I am confident that we will always rise above all the challenges given to us!

And of course, thanks to Coach Chot for sharing the wisdom to us! May he continue to inspire not just basketball players but everyone who wants to become successful! May we all be as passionate with our careers as Coach Chot is with basketball.


// listening to Rivermaya – Posible


6 thoughts on “Lessons from Basketball According to Coach Chot

  1. No wonder Gilas made it! Coach Chot trained them not only to be excellent with players but disciplined and focus men!

    Thanks for sharing this. This is inspirational indeed!

  2. This is great. I am not aware of this kind of event but after I read your blog, I felt I was present at the venue too! Thanks for sharing!

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