Yung ulan, parang pagmamahal ko sa iyo…. Intense. Para ring baha sa kalye namin… Malalim.


Halatang maraming time yung may-ari nitong pakwan. It’s always fun to play with your food. Just don’t let your yaya catch you.


Ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. Under my umbrella-eh-eh-eh. Chanelling Rihanna now. Come on.


Ayokong pinapayungan. Super hate it. I find it awkward. But I let him do this for me the night we first met. Maybe because… I don’t know.


Street in Hong Kong + rain. Wala ito sa Manila streets! Penge nga ng España + baha photo dyan.


They say some feel the rain and others just get wet. I think it depends on how weird one is.


Beach + Rain + Him + Me… Achievable naman. May polka-dot cardigan na ako. One day. One day talaga. October? La Union? :))


I love the rain. I love it so much when I am just in the comfort of my room, curled up in bed typing this entry away.


Rain, rain, you don’t have to go away. Stay until I wake up.

*hugs pillow tight*

// listening to Naked Eyes – Always Something There To Remind Me


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