The Battle of The Chicken Sandwiches

McDonald’s has always been my favorite burger place but KFC has always been my favorite place for chicken. McDonald’s has the McSpicy burger join their Philippine menu recently and of course, KFC has been serving their own spicy burger, the Zinger here in the Philippines since the late 90’s.

So who’s got the better spicy burger?


I’m sure lots have already declared a champion especially the burger wars started last June. Haha, sorry for the late post! Anyway, it’s a matter of taste and taste will always be relative so let me tell you my verdict as well. :)

Both sandwiches (80php a la carte) are made up of a spicy chicken fillet with shredded lettuce and mayonnaise in a soft sesame Kaiser bun. For me, these ingredients tasted the same for both McDo and KFC. As if it’s gonna make a big difference, hahaha!


As for the chicken used (the only part of this comparison that really matters, lol) I found the McSpicy fillet crunchier. Zinger’s fillet was bigger.

McSpicy’s hotness factor had a burn-your-tongue effect while Zinger’s had a hotter yet yummier punch. I guess it’s because I only tasted the spice in McSpicy but I also tasted the full flavor of the chicken of the Zinger.

The KFC Zinger wins!!! I will wash it down with a McDonald’s Coke Float though!

// listening to FR David – Sahara Night


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