I am not a basketball fan but I do enjoy watching the court action when it gets intense. The FIBA Asia games definitely gave tons of intense moments. Thanks to the Philippine Team– SMART Gilas for playing not only with undeniable talent but with burning passion as well.

We all went wild yesterday when they played against Korea and won. Puso!!! Laban!!! Gilas!!!


Everybody was prouder to be a Filipino that time. The team is going to Spain for the World Cup this 2014. But there’s something that we wanted to get our hands on this year– the Asian Championship.

Team Gilas had to beat Team Iran to place first. We all wanted to witness a Cinderella Story in the MOA Arena. Or to be more fitting, a Jack defeating the tall and hairy giant.


It was another intense game. But not in favor of our Gilas this time. I can’t give you the technical details because my nose will surely bleed. Gilas lost because PNoy watched live, we lost. But hey! We placed 2nd! And more importantly, the team brought back the fire to the sport that our country is so obsessed with.

Not the kind of fairytale ending we were all hoping for, eh? The story continues in Spain for Gilas.

And even if there isn’t an assurance of a happy-ever-after, we’ll surely still be cheering these hardcourt knights on.


Laban Pilipinas! Taas noo, Pilipino!

// listening to the rains c/o Typhoon Labuyo


3 thoughts on “Gilas!

  1. oh dear, i have to check youtube or some livestreaming sites with hope that someone uploaded this gilas game. walang pinoy channel dito sa penang :( but thanks to fb & twitter timelines, updated kami. proud to be pinoy with gilas win!

    spain, you’re next! pagkakataon na makarest-bak (biro lang).

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