Oriang – Market! Market!


It was my first time to eat at Oriang a couple of weeks ago. Never heard about it until I was invited by Jobs DB for lunch there.

Oriang by Café de Bonifacio has traditional and modern Filipino dishes served with a twist. It’s located at Fiesta Market! Market!, kinda near Cabalen and those little stalls that sell Pinoy delicacies.



For appetizer, we had some kropek with pesto. I coudn’t find it in the menu though. Didn’t expect that kropek would taste really good with pesto!

Their pinakbet with liempo and chicharon was excellent. Part-Ilokana ako, kaya maniwala ka sa akin! :p



I was hesitant to eat the crispy hito at first because it’s not my favorite fishy. I gave in when my lunchmates seemed to be enjoying it. Masarap nga! At talagang crispy.

The nilagang bulalo was okay. It was rich in marrow and had lots of veggies but I still found it borderline bland.



I don’t know the exact name of what we had for dessert. Layers of sliced banana and crispy sheets of turon wrapper (?) glazed with sweet coconut sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. Great way to end an unexpectedly good meal!

To view Oriang’s full menu, click here.

// listening to BNO #ItsASign


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