Meet Prince George!

At dahil close kami in my dreams, I would like to congratulate Will and Kate for the birth of their first child.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the little guy last July 22 at the St Mary’s Hospital in London. The same hospital where William and Harry (not Potter, duh) were born to Diana, Princess of Wales.


George Alexander Louis will be known as his royal highness Prince George of Cambridge. He is third in line to the British throne… Not if Uncle Scar Prince Harry can help it. Hehehe! Charot!

I wonder what his nickname will be. For now I will call him Georgie Porgie. Or Georgie Pie.


His name is considered one of the biggest novelty bets in the history of all bets in the U.K. Kung alam ko lang, sana pumusta rin pala ako. George is one of the most popular guesses of the Brit sugarols. Other names they bet on are Arthur and Philip. I can’t believe names like Chardonnay and Chesterfield were also considered. Chaka!

Another trivia: St. George is the patron saint of England, known for his legendary defeat of a dragon! Ang taray!


Not even a week-old yet and George Alexander Louis already has a Facebook fanpage called ROYAL BABY.

Prince William said he’s happy that the baby looks like Kate! So nice of him to say that! Sincere kaya ‘yon? Hehehe! In fairness, William-Catherine-George can rival the Charles-Diana-William photos. I really think Kate is very pretty. Sana buhay pa si Lady Di. :(


Can’t say yet if royal baby will be as cute as the royal daddy. I just hope he won’t inherit William’s hairline!!! But better that than inherit grandpa’s looks!

Excited to see George as a toddler. If he’s gonna take after his parents, he’s gonna be so adorable! Just look at this picture of little Kate and little Will! Sarap kurutin ang cheeks!!!


A lot of people, especially netizens are exceptionally excited to see what the royal baby will look like years from now, hence this face morph thing. There’s also one if Will and Kate have a daughter –which will be most likely named Charlotte or Elizabeth, survey says!!

Imho, blond daughter looks like Hilary Swank and blond son looks like *gasp* Justin Bieber!


Anyway, the royal baby will grow before our curious eyes.

We hope to see more of you, Georgie Pie!! <3

// listening to The Turtles – Happy Together


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