Gourmandise Patisserie – Serendra

I was on my way to the Jobs DB Career Fair in Market Market when I slowed down in front of one of the two French dessert shops in Serendra. I thought I needed a sugar rush before interviewing applicants. Mahirap na, baka may makausap na naman ako na ang sagot eh, “Mom (ma’am) I want to worrrk as a call centerr becos I want to worrk in a graveyard.” I needed sugar to have cheerleader-like enthusiasm and para iwas-init ng ulo. :p


Gourmandise Patisserie is owned by Chef Sunshine Puey-Pengson. I read in an article (from Phil Daily Inquirer, I think) that she enjoyed her stay in Paris so much that she wanted to bring it back home.

Gourmandise, btw, means someone who takes great pleasure in food. So… Am I qualified? As a gourmandise ha, hindi glutton. Hehehe!


Well, I have not been to France yet but this is how I imagine French dessert shops to look like. Beautiful and chic! The brilliant mind behind it is Papemelroti designer, Robert Alejandro.

It took me a while to check out the food because I just had to stop and admire the exquisite walls.


My tita gave me some GMD chocolate and s’mores éclairs last Christmas (na birthday gift na rin niya sa akin malamang). I am not a fan of s’mores so I gave it to my bff Donnie (which he liked I’m sure because he asked kung meron pa, after eating 3… iyan ang glutton harharhar). As for the chocolate éclair, I don’t know what chocolate GMD uses but it’s YUM!


Anyhoo, back to last Monday, the éclairs available then were Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Dulce de Leche, Lemon, Chocolate, (I don’t remember what the one with candy sprinkles is called), Praline and S’Mores. Salted Caramel, I wss told, is the bestseller. Not so sure if it’s because of the taste or because of it being the “it-flavor” in the food scene. (Pustahan tayo, there’s already a salted caramel cronut somewhere.)


They also have macarons (salted caramel and raspberry), cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla) and parfaits (see photo). Their packaging is gorgeous. If you’re going to give GMD sweets as gifts, the recipient will be most likely charmed!


I left GMD with a Raspberry Dulce de Leche éclair (100php), a Salted Caramel Minion Macaron (65php), and a Flourless Chocolate Cupcake (70php). And about a dozen selfies! :p

I also wanted to get their savory éclair– the Apple-Fig Foie Gras but it’s only available on weekends. :(


My reason for getting the Raspberry Dulce de Leche– it’s the prettiest looking aming the rows of éclairs. Pink with sugar flowers! I managed to destroy some of the decor but it’s still purty! A little more on the sweet side. I was hoping for more of the raspberry bite. I was surprised that the éclair wasn’t so soft. I guess it’s my inner jologs used to pillow soft éclairs from donut shops. Hihihi.

Truth be told, my only tsk-tsk moment when I was eating the éclair was when I almost swallowed the tiny GMD cardboard. :p


I bet the Despicable Me macarons are created for the us kids. I chose my favorite Minion to eat. The one-eyed yellow guy!

I was overwhelmed with the salted caramel. I guess I better stick to macarons with fruity filling. As for the macaron itself, I liked it! Crisp exterior and chewy interior. No cloying sweetness too!


The Flourless Chocolate Cupcake is hands down, one of the best cuppycakes I’ve ever had. Moist and flavor-packed. I didn’t expect it to hit the sweet spot though because it looked so simple. Another reminder never to judge a book by its cover. Or a cupcake by its cuteness.


Gourmandise Patisserie also serves coffee perfect with the French confections of your choice.

The detour to this patisserie was definitely worthwhile. Thanks for the sugar rush I needed on a manic Monday at work, GMD!

Gourmandise Patisserie
G/F Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
0917 7047119, 02 8042568

// listening to Anthem Lights – Can’t Get Over You


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