“When did we start thinking to just stay home, talk and drink instead of partying where the music is loud and the people are louder?”

G asked me the that moment we stepped out of a popular Makati bar. We opted to drink our beers in the al fresco area even though it was drizzling.

“Matanda na ba tayo,” I asked.

“HOY. Ikaw lang ha. Bata pa ako. I just prefer comfortable silence over senseless noise,” he chided slightly for having been called matanda.

“Sorry for bringing you here. I thought I needed to go out. Shoulda stayed home and forced myself to sleep. I hope I don’t dream of the horrible tugstugs sounds later.”

(I actually have the songs in my phone but it sucked hearing them boom boom bass in my face that night.)

“Ah wala. Matanda ka na talaga,” he concluded. He finished his beer and lit another cigarette.

“Too bad I don’t smoke anymore. If I still did, I will smoke my katandaan away.”

We drank a couple of bottles more and had SEx– Sinangag Express. Umuwi, natulog, nagpatuloy sa kanya-kanyang mga buhay.

Now I am home, a glass of rum cola with too many ice cubes. It’s waiting for me to finish this recollection.

Do I feel old? I don’t. I just feel tired. Not all the time. But this is one of those times.

I’m borderline bored but I am grateful that my aging ears are not subjected to torture by Zedd or Calvin Harris or the Swedish House Mafia tonight.

// listening to Goo Goo Dolls – Name


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