Tonkatsuya – San Antonio Village, Makati

One of my most favorite things about living here in San Antonio Village, Makati is having one of the best tonkatsu places in Manila very close to me. As in apat na tumbling, dalawang kembot, ayan na!


Even before the Japanese food invasion here in Manila, Tonkatsuya has already been around serving my favorite Japanese comfort food. Pause. What do you mean what Japanese food invasion am I talking about? Nako ha. Ramen, tonkatsu, maki places everywhere! But well, this is an invasion that I do not mind. Hala sige. The more Japanese restos, the better! Bring it! My tummy and I welcome you all! Continue.


Tonkatsuya is a hole-in-the-wall Tonkatsu (duh) resto owned by Japanese Chef Hosoya. You will often see him near the counter with his friends playing cards. In fact, wala pa yata akong punta dito na hindi ko sila nakitang nagbabaraha. Next time, makikisali ako. ‘Pag manalo ako, libre na dapat kain ko! :))


I always have the Cheese Katsu Set. Basically, it’s breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet with strips of melted cheese on top. It’s served on shredded cabbage and comes with a cup of rice, a bowl of miso soup, and a saucer of tsukemono. Their usual tsukemono is pickled mung bean sprouts. You know– togue. :p


The set is only 240php. Super sulit because of the big servings. Sa repolyo pa lang, malulunod na ako sa dami! Hahaha! Their tonkatsu is always nice and tender. The breading (panko/bread crumbs) is not thick. Their tonkatsu sauce is sweet and tangy. Perfect lang talaga with the pork na extra savory because of the cheese. Love to eat it with a hint of Japanese mustard and a bit of chili powder.


My friends love the Katsu Curry Rice but I have not tasted it yet and I probably never will because I hate curry!!! That’s Iya 101 for you!

Other dishes I like from Tonkatsuya are their gyoza and the sukiyaki hirekatsu. Hirekatsu, btw, is a leaner version of tonkatsu.


If you’re planning to eat at Tonkatsuya, don’t forget to send me a message. I will go there and say hi to you and probably eat some of your food. I’m kidding! (Or am I really? :p)

Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine located at the Lower Ground Floor of Palm Tower B, St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village, Makati. Katabi nito ang laundromat, parlor at internet shop.

Telephone nos. are 02 896-1990 and 09279440321. They also deliver!

// listening to Mika – Live Your Life


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