Pancake House – Cash & Carry Mall

I am not a morning person BUT a hearty breakfast is guaranteed to put me in a good mood and on my best behavior. Pancake House has always been a personal favorite not only because of their fluffy pancakes but the fuzzy memories it gives. (Fuzzy talaga? Parang bedroom slippers lang. :P)

When my parents and I still lived in BF Homes Paranaque, we’d always have brunch at Pancake House after we hear mass at Resurreccion Parish. Last Saturday morning, I was feeling sentimental (and hungry, of course) so I had my brekky at Pancake House.



Another thing that I considered was getting my tummy full before going to the supermarket. Going to the supermarket with an empty stomach is a big no-no. As in NO-NO. Studies show that people are likely to buy more when they are hungry. In other words, huwag magpagutom. Mapanganib.

My usual hearty breakfast ensemble is their 2 piece cheese pancakes + 3 strips perfectly crisp bacon + 1 sunny side up egg + a cup of coffee… collectively known as the Bacon and Cheese Medley (273php). I always either add a piece of hashbrown (35php) or country sausages (4 pcs for 104php).



They also have waffles, omelettes, French toast, and the Filipino favorites such us tapsilog. My parents’ favorite is their daing na bangus meal. Not so sure but my mother likes to eat this with their potato salad. Weird combo!

Pancake House isn’t just about breakfast- all-day breakfast at that. They have a wide array of food offerings available like sandwiches, salads, pasta, meat dishes, desserts, and all the usual things that make a menu kilometric. Not a fan of their non-breakfast food though.



To view their breakfast choices, click 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6.

There are relatively new pancake places now in Manila (like the exorbitantly-priced diner in BGC and the one with the make your own pancakes in Eastwood) but I think Pancake House will always be the one that I will always go back to.

// listening to the Ateneo vs UE game


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