Burger Bar – Greenbelt

If I’m going to break my idea calorie count for the day, might as well break it damn good.


So when Jam and I went to Burger Bar for dinner and catching up, I went with the choice that seemed more evil to my diet–

I customized my burger.


This burger joint let’s you be the boss and design your own diet demon burger. Choose your own bun, toppings, pattie. It’s up to you if you want it served with fries. Or onion rings. Or soda. Or beer. Or all of those. Kumbaga, depende kung masiba ka sa gutom mo.


Sipped my soda and munched on my Skinny Fries while we waited for our burger creations. I forgot to ask why the fries are called Skinny. Bakit nga ba? Fried in evoo? Or may substance ba ito na kaya akong i-magic at ibalik sa 115lbs? Kung meron, papakyawin ko ito! Pero para namang wala.


Anyway. The customers of Burger Bar that night were mostly yuppies. Didn’t really like the ambience. It’s not as cozy as I prefer my chow places to be. Kakain lang ako doon pero hindi ko tatambayan.


Waited for almost 15 minutes for my burger creation… My I-OBJECT-YOUR-HONOUR BURGER had a beef bomb pattie (chuck + short rib), bacon strips, bacon jam, feta, mozzarella, garlic aioli, lolo rossa lettuce, white onions, tomatoes, mustard, mayo, and ketchup in a kaiser bun. *whew*


I expected it to be gargantuan because of all the ingredients I mentioned and because of the price. If I remember correctly, that burger cost me almost 400php. What a relief, the taste made up for the size! Delicious even if well done looked borderline sunog. And no!!! The size and taste has got nothing to do with the name that I gave my burger. HAHAHAHA. It got its name because it looks bad for the heart. #alamna #hahaha #waitwalangapalanghashtagditosablog


Jam’s burger had the house pattie, sauce no.3, gorgonzola, mozzarella, and caramelized onions in a kaiser bun. She called it THE TOURIST. The taste and the reason behind the name are her stories to tell. But I do remember her enjoying the burger even if she did not finish it. :p


Milkshakes seemed like a good idea before we had our burgers but mojitos proved to be the better idea.

Went to Dillingers for drinks, where we did not talk any more about the reasons behind our burgers’ names.

Burger Bar
G/F Greenbelt 2
Ayala, Makati
02 6252792
Sun – Wed – 12nn – 1am
Thurs – Sat – 12nn – 2am

// listening to Audioslave – Be Yourself


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