New Muffin Stall in Megamall

I was hurrying to Megatrade Hall for work when I noticed a new stall at the 3rd floor. Meron silang calamansi muffins.


Tumigil ang mundo ko. Tapos, nag-salivate na ako. Medyo lang.

My closest friends know that I love Real Coffee’s calamansi muffins so much that I just had to stop and check if it can measure up to the famous Boracay favorite.


Muffin Factory has several kinds of muffins– carrot pineapple, banana, fruitcake, chocolate, cheese & bacon, and calamansi. Diet mode kaya 2 lang muna today.

Not so pretty to look at but hey, it’s okay. If I wanted cute and delicate, Instagram-genic grub, I would have bought cupcakes.


The calamansi muffin was okay. It smelled like calamansi (sana lang naman hindi amoy mangga diba) and it tasted good with my Jollibee Coffee Float (favorite morning drink ko). It was not as zesty as I hoped it would be. Yung Real Coffee kasi talagang nakakagising ng diwa ang zing!

I liked the cheese and bacon muffin. I think I ate something like this from Krispy Kreme. It’s savory, not too rich, somewhat oily but it’s okay. Bacon fat is always welcome.


Muffin Factory’s goodies are PWEDE NA. Not bad for a meager 35php a pop. Huwag maghanap ng dense and rich muffin. Sabi nang 35php lang ito eh.

Pwede na when I am craving for Real Coffee’s muffins and I’m stuck here in Manila.

// listening to Nina – Colored Kisses

4 thoughts on “New Muffin Stall in Megamall

  1. I bought all the flavors this morning… as in super sarap! affordable for 35 pesos each.. The Box was excellent. Presentable sya masyado at pwedeng pag gift sa mga ka officemate nor sa family. If you want to buy muffins, nasa Megamall B, 3rd floor po. malapit lang sa escalator.

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