Of Monsters and Minions

Monsters Inc. is my favorite animated movie. I love it so much that I wanted to go as Boo in our department’s costume party two years ago! (I ended up being Tiger Lily na napagkamalang Pocahontas!) It’s great that even if it took more than a decade, a prequel was still released. Thank you, Disney Pixar!


Before James P. Sullivan a.k.a. Sulley and Mike Wazowski became big shots in Monstropolis, they were young monsters who dreamed of becoming “scarers”. You know, those monsters who terrify the shit out of children so that the screams can power of Monstropolis. MU deals with how the blue and pink furry monster and one-eyed green goblin became friends.


Monsters University is colorful, smart, warm and fuzzy! I love the flashback to Mike’s childhood, Dean Hardscrabbles toughlove style, why Boggs/Randall became angry with Sully, that chubby monster who looks like Russell from “Up”, and lovelovelove that apart from having wisdom embedded in the funny dialogue, it reminds the viewers of values such as loyalty, honor, fairness, honesty and perseverance.


In other words, in a way, this is a movie about monsters teaching people not to act like monsters.


I was underwhelmed when I saw Despicable Me in 2010. As far as supervillainy is concerned, the main man is still Megamind. And when it comes to adorability, Agnes is adorable with her chipmunk cheeks and fluffy unicorn but Boo is still my favorite girl. Anyway, who really cares about Gru or Agnes? Never mind if the synopsis in every movie website says it’s about ex-villain Gru outgrowing his ineptitude as a parent, falling in love and saving the world. No. This is a movie about those yellow creatures who speak in Italian-Spanish-and fruit.


Despicable Me 2 or what I call Minions + Gru and a bunch other characters is funny and silly. A movie for kids– even if it’s really the adults who collected most of the Happy Meal toys for themselves. Haha! Aminin! The movie is cute, bur not as cute as the squeals of the delighted kids in the theatre. Personally, sana sa dvd ko na lang pinanood.


Half of the movie is probably dedicated to the Minions. I have to admit that they are cute, especially in their song at the end. In fact, I like their version better than All 4 One. Grabe the addiction of some people to these yellow creatures! I have friends even older than me who flocked to Trinoma just for the meet and greet with the minions. And I’m sure your newsfeed was also flooded with the Happy Meal toys. Even my super macho friends collected!


I overheard a couple of senior citizens talk about Despicable Me 2, that it is more popular than Superman. Sabi nga ni lola, it’s because they (the minions) are cuter. Well… Can’t argue with the majority. And the majority should be very happy that the Minions will have their own movie on 2014.


Monsters or Minions? I say if you’re after the story, go for Monsters University. If you’re after cuteness, watch Despicable Me 2. If you have a lot of time to kill (like me), watch both. :) Enjoy!

// listening to the replay of The Voice of the Philippines


3 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Minions

  1. I loved Boo and Sulley as well, but they remind me of my psycho ex in college so.. LOL. Despicable ME is adorable. I’m crazy about the minions. I’ll probably watch DM2 in DVD na lang after reading your entry.

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