Taaleña – Tagaytay

The midyear fast made me hallucinate and thougts of bulalo filled my mind so I remembered that I have not yet blogged about the last place Donnie, Jan, Jap and I visited in our cliche Tagaytay trip last month.

Here ya go…


I was still full from the lunch at Mushroom Burger and merienda at Buon Giorno but when Donnie said that we should abuse maximize our tummies’ capability and go for the classic Tagaytay combo of bulalo and tawilis.

I really think my besty is one of those peole na kapag nag-dighay, imbis na isipin na busog pa, ang naiisip eh, “May space pa!”


A couple of months ago, Jan and I had this classic combo in Rowena’s. We thought of eating in one of the roadside eateries but we were already far from the area where most of those eateries are so we settled for Taaleña.

A friend of mine told me that he brought his family here for Mother’s Day lunch so I thought the place couldn’t be bad. And it isn’t. The resto is big. It looks like a house from the Spanish times, you know with the capiz windows and all. And as expected, it gives a nice view of the Taal lake. Mukha naman kasing eng-eng kung ‘yon ang pangalan nila tapos walang view ng Taal, di’ba? :p


Their Bulalong Batangas serves 4 and priced at 555php. Crispy Tawilis is 210php.
We all agreed that their bulalo and tawilis were mediocre. Uhmmm… masarap naman but parang lasang maluluto mo naman sa bahay on a regular day.

Personally, I want my bulalo with lots of garlic, like that of Rowena’s. Their tawilis was too oily for me. And I think they better rename it too fried tawilis because I didn’t find it that crispy either.


What compensated for the mediocre food was the entertainment! We were entertained with their musicians. They performed the gasgas na but goodies– call Me Maybe (which explains photo below), Grow Old With You (I sang this and Donnie shouted the name of my crush, thank goodness the music drowned out his name hahahaha!), that song that Angel Locsin sang in Unofficially Yours, and the makabagbag damdaming… PUSONG BATO.

Keber na sa thick Visayan accent ni ate. Ang saya saya nilang magperform!


The wait staff was friendly and efficient. The ambience was great (especially when we were already drinking, hehe). I’m willing to give their food another chance to wow me. In fairness, the other customers looked very happy with what they had.

Pass na ako sa bulalo and tawilis nila next time. I’m probably going to try their other bestsellers- sinigang na sugpo and pinaputok na plapla.


Taaleña Bar
54 Crossing, Silang West,
Tagaytay, Cavite

// listening to Air Supply – Goodbye


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