Buon Giorno! – Cliffhouse, Tagaytay


On with part 2 of the cliché Tagaytay trip!

After the filling Mushroom Burger lunch, we went to Cliffhouse for coffee and dessert and to drink in the view of Taal. The cliché part, of course are the activities and not Cliffhouse. Cliffhouse has only been around for a couple of years. The place houses several restaurants like Buon Giorno!, Fire Lake Grill, Cafe Breton, and Mochiko.


We chose Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro because it’s the one closest to the viewing area. That, and Fire Lake Grill (just across Buon Giorno!) looks like a place for star-crossed lovers. Ayaw naman magprivate time doon ni Jap at Donnie. Hihihi. :p

Another reason, one that was unknown to my friends that time, was I wanted to give a belated surprise birthday treat to Jap and Jan there. I remember the place having a very nice and accomodating staff. Every delivery with a smile! =)


Donnie had hot chocolate (80php) and I had the cappuccino (75php). Jap, the coffeeholic in the group, surprisingly opted to have tarragon tea (55php). Jan didn’t want a beverage (or bevanda in Italian) because it will only add up to her calorie count! :p

Buon Giorno! also offers smoothies, fresh fruit shakes, and frappes.


Thanks to the wonderful staff of Buon Giorno! for helping me surprise Jan and Jap! It was amusing when the waiters carrying the cakes and singing “happy birthday” went to our area and my friends thought the surprise was for the table beside us. I wish I got to capture their dazzled looks on video, especially when Jan was clapping (cheering the “celebrant from the other table”) and I turned to her and said, “Tanga. Sa iyo ‘yung isang cake d’yan!”


For Jap, I chose the Coppa de Tiramisu (185php) because she loves coffee. Their menu says its cake infused with rum and coffee, layered with marscapone cheese and topped with grated chocolate. Did we taste them all? Yes! Very good tiramisu, though I wish the coffee was a bit stronger.

Blueberry Cheesecake for Jan (185php) because well, she’s on a diet? Hihihi! Their menu says its a creamy, dreamy cheesecake on a buttery graham crust. I just have to say that it’s the BEST cheesecake I’ve ever had. Hindi lasang tinipid! :p Rich but not so heavy cheesecake on crumbly perfectly sweet crust topped with plump blueberries. Ang saraaaaap!!! You can also choose cherry or mango for the topping.


The other desserts (dolci in Italian) that look promising are their Chocolate-Pistachio Sans Rival and Molten Chocolate Cake. I hope their Molten Choco is as good or better than the Taal Vista’s . Next time naman, ‘pag ibang friends na ang may birthday. :p

Ahem, ahem Donnie! You’re the next birthday celebrant! Let’s go back to Buon Giorno! Lahat ng desserts ibibigay ko sa iyo in honor of your 40th birthday. BWAHAHAHAHA!


I was glad that my friends liked it in Cliffhouse because I really didn’t want to have coffee in Starbucks! Hello, asa Tagaytay tapos Starbucks ang pupuntahan? Nyeh. And I was just in Bag of Beans recently. Next coffee place in Tagaytay I’d like to visit is Java Jazz. Do you reco any food/drink from that cafe? Yes? Please put it in the comment box. :)

Here’s a customary picture of Taal. Too bad I only remembered to take a photo of it when it was already almost evening. Pretty pa rin naman.


I’d like to go back to Buon Giorno! Caffe and Bistro for lunch or dinner, preferably when the rainy season is in full swing. Ulan lang ha. Hindi bagyo. Sarap siguro to have my piping hot pumpkin soup while looking at Taal.  In fairness, I like their soups, especially the Crema de Funghi. That’s just fancy (well, Italian) for mushroom soup. :p Their Braised Lamb Shank and Insalata de Tonno look lovely. And by lovely, I mean mukhang walang matitirang kahit isang butil kapag nilafang ko ‘yon.

To view the rest of the menu: http://www.munchpunch.com/buon-giorno-caffe-and-bistro-tagaytay/menu.


Cheers to a cliché afternoon coffee tambay in Tagaytay made special by great food and excellent company!

// listening to Skrillex – Breakin’ A Sweat


4 thoughts on “Buon Giorno! – Cliffhouse, Tagaytay

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  2. my family and i love it in cliffhouse but we have not tried eating in buon giorno yet. will eat there next. thanks for the reco!

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