Mushroomburger – Tagaytay

I don’t care if they already have branches in Quezon City. The ultimate Mushroomburger experience must be experienced in Tagaytay.

Lunch there was part of our Cliche Tagaytay Trip Part 2 itinerary last week.


Mushroom Burger has been around since the 1980’s, but the first time I ate there was when I was already in college. Grabe, lamon sa Mushroomburger at tambay sa Picnic Grove, solve na noon!

And yeah, if you must know, I was in college from 1998 to 2003. Batang-bata pa ako. Bwahahaha!


They have their own mushroom farm in their compound and they mainly produce 4 kinds- the Abalone Mushroom, the Oyster Mushroom, the Wooden Ear and the shiitake mushroom.

My favorite among the 4 is the shiitake! Did you know that eating shiitake was believed (in China?) to prevent premature aging? *looks at the mirror* Ewan ko lang ha.


Mushroomburger offers burgers (DUH), rice meals, noodles, and desserts. You can view the list here:

Choosing between the Hong Kong Rice Meal and the Mushroomburger Meal was too hard for me to bear (chos!) so I got both. Calorie counting suspended that day. :p


The Hong Kong Rice Meal consists of a main dish, mushroom delight, adobo egg, a cup of rice and a regular Pepsi. it costs 115php.

The burger meal I had was The Mushroomburger with Cheese + regular fries + regular Pepsi. It costs 80php, me thinks.


The burger tasted delicious with a hint of nostalgia. Hahaha! Na-miss ko talaga ito! Ang sarap! sana nag-take out pa ako ng marami! Badtrip na diet ito! (Yes, nakikipaglokohan ako sa sarili ko.)

It was my first time to try their rice meal and I liked their braised beef. Tender and flavorful. Next time, I will try the other main dishes- burger steak, mushroom beef, sweet & sour pork, and mushroom beef.


My friends Jan, Jap and Donnie were also satisfied their Mushroom Burger choices. We thought of trying their desserts because we wanted to find out if there’s also mushroom in the sundaes. But we had to save some precious tummy space for the other Tagaytay restos we were going to visit.

Hmmmm…. kabute sa sorbetes… interesting.


They have a space where you can buy various pasalubong like dried mushroom, sweets, and umbrellas?

Uhhhh… no. Those umbrellas aren’t made of mushroom. That would just be too weird. :p I guess an umbrella has a Mushroom Burger logo printed on it.


They have a mini playground outside. Parang hindi ko ‘yon napapansin dati. Pati ‘yung wishing well hindi ko napansin dati. Kelan pa ito?

We checked the well. Sadako was not inside. You’re welcome!


What did I wish for? To eat more mushroomburgers in the near future, of course!

Mushroom Burger
Km. 60, Brgy. Kaybagal
Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines
(+63 46) 4131-330
Open daily from 7:30am to 11:00pm

// listening to Imogen Heap – Wait It Out


5 thoughts on “Mushroomburger – Tagaytay

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  2. Hahahah! Natawa ako sa mga side-comments mo. And about the Mushroom Burger, definitely should be experienced in Tagaytay, it started there so it’s sort of like a right-of-passage (ano daw)

    More food posts!!! :)


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