Five Things – Doubt



This cute baby looks as if she isn’t sure if it’s milk that she sees.

But what else could it be?



I have this favorite line that I often tell my friends when they say something incredible.

“Huwag kayong ganyan ha. I’m JOLLYBLE! Masayahing uto-uto!”

If only I can laugh off every moment that doubt sets in then I wouldn’t have to lose my mind ever so often.



I waited for that moment. I longed for it. I dreamt about it. I prayed for it.

And when it finally did happen, my initial thought was, “Is this real?

I believed him way back. He chose to break my trust. Why should I believe him now?



Ilan kaya sa mga nagsasabi ng, “Try ko sumunod” ang nagta-try talaga?

I posted that on Facebook yesterday not intended for anyone in particular. A friend thought it was for him so he junked his plan of flaking out on our mini reunion last night. When I told him that the post wasn’t for him, his reation was… “Sayang!!!”


He pretends that he can’t remember so I pretend that I have forgotten too.

I don’t believe that he has forgotten. I don’t know if he believes that I can’t remember.

I guess he pretends so it will seem unimportant to him. I pretend so he won’t know I’m hurt and pissed and frustrated of his talent in making me feel nonessential.

// listening to Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks


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