The Return of The Amazing Aloha

It’s been years since I last had Jollibee’s Amazing Aloha burger. I didn’t like it then because I used to hate pineapples.


I thought of giving it another try because my crush famed American author, chef, and television personality Anthony Bourdain had it in the US and liked it, said that it’s a very tasty burger!

Well, that and I have come to like pineapples. :p


The Amazing Aloha value meal costs 135php. It comes with a regular drink and regular fries.

I waited 7 minutes for my meal and while waiting, I heard Jollibee’s Bida Ang Saya song and the crew started dancing! Ang saya! Ang cute! It would have been awesome if Jollibee also came out to dance! :p


I was expecting it to look like this, a bun with two beef patties, cheese, bacon, lettuce and a slice of pineapple. The actual burger looked pretty much the same. So it’s a Champ minus the tomatoes plus pineapple. Plus some bacon slices bits.

Bourdain’s right for saying that it’s very tasty. All Jollibee burgers are. Even without the pineapple (the only thing that made it “aloha”) and the other ingredients, it would still be very tasty.


I enjoyed it but no, it’s not that amazing for me. I’d rather eat their Cheesy Bacon Mushroom! I wonder when they’ll bring it back… It’s Jollibee’s 35th anniversary so its return can’t be far-fetched.

Happy 35th, Jabi!!! :)


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// listening to Geri Haliwell – Look at Me


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