Coffee and Saints Café – Don Bosco, Makati

If you get hungry after hearing mass in St John Bosco Parish, there’s another place that you can go to aside from Amici.

Coffee and Saints Café is located just outside the church. It’s a small coffee shop that serves affordable rice meals, sandwiches, desserts, and of course– coffee!


Coffee and Saints is one of the livelihood projects of Don Bosco Pugad Center for Poor and Needy Migrants. It’s also one of their means to serve the parishioners. Whatever the coffeeshop earns is used to augment the funds needed for the center.

Why the unusual name? “Coffee” because they also have an advocacy of promoting our local coffee, primarily Kapeng Barako. “Saints” because they have shelves lined with books about saints so customers can read about them and learn from their greatness.


The Pugad Boys man the café. These teenagers are from the Don Bosco Pugad Center, a home for street children and migrant youth of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Saint John Bosco Parish. Hence, Pugad Boys. You’re not alone if the first thing you remembered was Pugad Baboy. Hihihi!

The Pugad boy who assisted me in choosing what to eat (I didn’t expect that there would be quite a number of choices) was very nice and polite- just like a true Bosconian! :p


They have different rice meals everyday. If I can remember it right, a bowl of sinigang + one rice is available on a Tuesday and for only 70php! Of course, the monggo meal falls of a Friday. They also have tortang talong, pork giniling, guinisang ampalaya, dinuguan, menudo and tuna steak.

Their all-days breakfast meals are available every day. They also sell bibingka, suman, and halo-halo.


Two thumbs up for their Suman glazed with Pugad Honey (30php) and their Chocolate Batirol (30php).

The suman was seasoned midly salty and perfectly sticky. It was my first time to eat suman with honey. Masarap pala.!

I did not expect the batirol to be so rich and wonderful. It was a delight to have that drizzling afternoon in Makati.


The Colle di Don Bosco (70php) is their version of the Monte Cristo sandwich, a variation of the French croque-monsieur. Simply put– a fried ham and cheese sandwich. This was non-greasy and filling. I  don’t know what cheese they used, but I liked it.

They served it with cheesy potaty chips.


I was about to go home when I saw 12 Good Reasons Why We Should Drink Coffee posted on their wall.

The 12 reasons made me order a cup of their bestseller– the Moringa Coffee (50php). Moringa is malunggay. As you can see in the picture above, there’s some specks of green in my cup. I was surprised that it didn’t taste bitter. It actually tasted sweet. A nice end to an equally nice meal. Also, I think it would have been the perfect partner to their bibingka. There was no small bibingka available that time for me though. Eh busog na ako, I couldn’t finish the big one. :\


Anyway, some of the benefits of drinking coffee that I read are– it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. It increases short term recall. (Oh, I’d like to give some coffee to my lawyer friend right now, hahaha!) It reduces risk of gallstone diseases. It increases the effectiveness of painkillers.

Coffee is good for you! Drink up!!! :D


Coffee and Saints also offers other goodies made from the Pugad Center like cookies, garlic chips and burong mangga.

They have a bakery near the Pasay Road gate called Manna From Heaven. This profitable bakeshop showcases the ever-diversifying bread items and other products that Pugad’s youth make.

Yes, it’s called Manna From Heaven. Exodus reference, my dears. Cute noh? :p


Most of the people close to me know that Don Bosco has a very special place in my heart. Its special place just became bigger because of this cafe. I think it’s great that one can enjoy inexpensive delicious food and help the youth at the same time. :)

I invite you, my dear reader, to hear mass in Don Bosco and eat at Coffee and Saints after. Ilibre pa kita. Tara! See you there! :)


Business hours:
Monday – Saturday – 7am to 8pm
Sunday – 6am to 10pm

Like them in Facebook:

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