My Right Not to Vote


I did not practice my right to vote this elections. I am not proud of it. I am not ashamed to share it either. It’s just a fact.

I believe that a person’s right to vote is as valid as his right NOT to vote. As Trent Sandusky put it, “I have the right to free speech, but I also have the right to say nothing at all when I feel like it. I have the right to assemble, but I also have the right to sit at home alone. I have the right to practice any religion I want, but I also have the right to practice no religion. I have the right to bear arms, but that doesn’t mean I’d be a bad citizen if I didn’t have a gun. I have the right to vote, and I have the right not to vote. It’s that simple.” And this is not me being apathetic. I initially wanted to vote. I visited Comelec’s website, screencapped and printed the page (see picture above) that proves that I am a registered voter. The problem is, there are no candidates that I like so much (or even enough) for me to go out and cast my vote.

It makes me upset when I hear people say, “Walang karapatang magreklamo kung hindi ka boboto.” (You have no right to complain if you won’t vote.) Worse, some even say that people who won’t vote are humiliating members of society. WHY? Why would I lose my right when I am a Filipino? I pay taxes. The government use taxes to pay these politicians. So why will I be stripped off my right to free speech (e.g. to complain) if I don’t get to vote?

Some say that I have to vote so that there will be a less chance of having ghost voters. Ahhhmmm… shouldn’t that be Comelec’s problem? Why will my absence be blamed for their inefficiency? And please. An indelible ink-stained nail isn’t enough to make one nationalistic, so if you think my indelible ink-free nail/finger makes me less of a Filipino, then I pity you for having a puny brain. Also, it’s indelible, NOT INCREDIBLE.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not at all saying that people are stupid for voting today. In fact, I am a bit envious that they got to choose a set of people that they believe in. Of course, not all used their conscience and/or  their intelligence to vote today, but that is another topic. I took time to review the candidates credentials. I read the papers. I watched debates. I payed attention to their tv ads. Hell I even sang some of their campaign jingles, in my head at least hehehe! Thing is, in spite of all these things, I still didn’t get to like anyone. I do not like doing things halfheartedly. IT’S A PERSONAL CHOICE that I hope people can respect.  My choice, my conscience. My conscience, my consequences.

// listening to Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire


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