The Catholic Voter’s Guide for Elections 2013

The parish priest of St. John Bosco Church reminded us to get a copy of Simbahay, the official newsletter of the parish.

He said that there is a guide on who to vote this coming elections. This guide is what they call “The Catholic Vote.”


But wait. What exactly is the Catholic vote? Those with angels at the last column are consistent with the Catholic Church’s stand of being anti-RH Bill, anti-divorce, and anti-same sex marriage.

So for the Holy Church, people who are for the aforementioned 3 issues do not have the K to be given a seat in senate.


Personally, I am not 100% sold to RH Bill. There are parts of it that I like and some parts that I do not agree with. So I do not care much if the candidate is anti or pro.

I do not want to support candidates that are pro-divorce. Nevermind that we are the only country other than the Vatican that does not have it. I’m just still iffy with changing laws to suit the convenience of many even if the moral impact is questionable. And because I am not in favor of divorce, I’m most likely going to remove Sonny Angara and Risa Hontiveros from my list.

And much as I love and respect my friends from the LGBT community, I am also not for same-sex marriage. Well, everyone in the list is either anti or has no clear position about it, probably because they find the topic too sensitive that they are not willing to risk being judged because of what they think about it. It’s only Jack Enrile who’s pro and I have already decided that I don’t like him ever since I saw his campaign ad with the hideous jingle. Seriously giving me bad LSS. *cringe*

To those who would like to attempt to change my mind by telling me I am nuts for not considering the kilometric credentials of these politicians, I respectfully would like to tell you to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I don’t think I have got to explain my preference. My preference, my vote. My vote, my decision. My decision, my conscience.

I do not like most of the senatorial candidates that have gotten the Church’s approval. I can’t see myself supporting the fickle-minded Mitos Magsaysay or the debate-coward Nancy Binay. And who is Baldomero Falcone? Sounds Mafia-ish.

We still have a week to finalize our list. I would like to consider what the Catholic Church says. More importantly, I would like to review their credentials and pray for the gift of discernment so that I may choose candidates wisely.

And if I do not have a list or worthy candidates yet by the 13th? Then as a believer of the saying, “Better zero than negative,” I will exercise my right NOT to vote.

// listening to Led Zeppelin – Kashmir


5 thoughts on “The Catholic Voter’s Guide for Elections 2013

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