Rowena’s – Tagaytay

Well… almost but not quite.

This is the 4th and final part* of the cliché Tagaytay trip Jan and I had last March. No conventional trip to Tagaytay can be complete without having bulalo and tawilis. :p

I wanted to eat at a roadside eatery just like in my college bulakbol moments (because our school is in Alabang, we spent our long breaks in Tagaytay) but we got carried away in our chikahan and didn’t notice there were no carinderias nearby anymore. The only place we could eat at was Rowena’s.


{unlimited bulalo soup with lots of garlic}

Jan doesn’t fancy bulalo and even if I was successful in convincing her to eat it with tawilis, the bulalo in Rowena’s is good for 4-5 persons and we were still full from the Sonya’s buffet so we settled for bulalo soup instead.

I know that Rowena’s have delectable tarts, pies and desserts. It was a fine surprise finding out that their other food are good too. Plus, we love that their crew was very kind to still serve us even if we arrived 15 minutes before their closing time. Note that Rowena’s closes at 7pm on Sundays.

{natinik ako nito but worth it, hahaha}

Didn’t get to have some sinful gelatinous bulalo goodness, but it’s okay because they provided unlimited bulalo soup that we paired with the perfectly crispy fried tawilis (around 150php). We also got grilled liempo (around 200php).

Grabe. Ang sarap! Ang sarap mag-out of town! At ang sarap kumain! :D

It was drizzling when we were at Rowena’s so it made us appreciate the soup more. :p

{sarap with the spicy vinegar}

We were at the poolside, which made me miss my college friends. They would have loved the place and the food as well! Donnie, if you’re reading this, you would also love it if Jap pushed you into the pool. :p

Anyway, Tagayatay isn’t going anywhere so I guess another cliché trip is in order!


{dinner on a rainy Sunday night}

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Part 2- The Day I Met Humpty Dumpty and Sonya of Sonya’s Garden
Part 3- Post-Buffet Coffee Time at Bag of Beans

// listening to Foo Fighters – Rope


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