Ramen Yushoken – Molito, Alabang

It’s raining hard here in Makati and it’s making me crave something I had in Alabang a couple of weeks ago– ramen from Yushoken!

Ramen Yushoken is located in Molito, beside Omakase and Buona Vita. The place- modestly decorated. The service- fast and efficient. The food- oishikatta! ^^

I expected their ramen to taste fantastic because Dave said so, and some blogs call it one of the best ramens in the south.


They have 4 kinds of hot ramen-
shio which is salt-based,
shoyu which is soy-based,
miso which is soybean paste-based,
and tantan-men which is sesame-based.


I had the tantan-men (380php), and I liked it– sesame, chili oil, ground pork, noodles and all! It’s smoky, rich and wonderful! perfectly balanced savory and spicy. Dave had the miso ramen (380php). He liked but he said the shoyu’s better. We also had the gyoza (150php) and it was okay. I didn’t get to appreciate it because I was too full from the ramen!


I love their noodles, cooked al dente, a bit chewy and not too thick. Oh, and fyi, they do not have any western utensils. As indicated in the ramen Yushoken 101 part of their menu, they only have chopsticks, like any other proper ramen house! They also have a “No take out, no delivery” policy because you can just eat instant noodles if you want to eat ramen at home. Point taken! I’m sure the ramen gods are down with that. :p


The price is reasonable for the amount and quality of food. I’d come back to try the other kinds of ramen, maybe the shoyu and the hiyashi chuka or cold ramen. And they also have sake!!!

Ramen Yushoken
Open everyday, 11am – 11pm
02 8087424

// listening to 4PM – Sukiyaki


4 thoughts on “Ramen Yushoken – Molito, Alabang

  1. Hi Thanks for the post! We’re glad you came.

    We just need to correct the schedule you posted. We are open 7 days a week, from 11am to 11pm.

    Thanks again and mabuhay!

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