Ten Years Ago Today…

I finished college. I graduated with a degree in psychology.

{graduation dinner at Saisaki, Alabang with Colleen, Jap, my aunt, and my parents… then bf cropped out of the photo lol}

I remember going up the stage clapping and doing a little jump. Our dean, while giving me my diploma said, “Miss Santos, behave!” Haha! I was just too happy to finish that chapter of my life. I should have finished 2002 because I started 1998, but I had to extend because I dropped some classes when I was a sophomore because I was an angry little teenager who was too proud to care about the impact of the numbers in her classcards to her future.

I’d like to thank my professors and the admin for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I’d like to thank my parents and my friends for supporting me even when I didn’t deserve their understanding. Because if their encouragement and trust, I persevered and I was a Dean’s lister in my last 3 sems. The 3rd and final award was the best because I received it during graduation with all the Bedan community and my loved ones- those I owe it to- to see.

Wow. It’s been a decade. I feel so grateful. And so old! :p

// listening to Freestyle – So Slow


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