Iya Cooks: No Sauté Monggo with Chicharon


It’s Friday and it means ginisang munggo for lunch in our household. Since I don’t live with my parents now, I am forced to cook this Friday staple by myself.

This is how to cook monggo, lazy style.

1. Boil the beans with minced garlic and chopped white onions. It’s better if you soak the beans overnight or for a few hours first to make it soft and easy to mash when cooked. I like my monggo thick and chunky so I don’t mash it so much. I used a cup of monggo and 3 cups of water for this recipe.

2. While the monggo is cooking, and that can take a while… Prepare the rest of the ingredients… Half a pack of Oishi Porky Pops (yung red para spicy), a cup of chopped squash, a cup of chopped eggplants, a cup of spinach, bagoong alamang, Knorr granules, and chopped tomatoes.


3. After mashing the monggo, add the squash. When almost fork-tender, add the eggplants. I added more water, about half a cup. I also seasoned it with 1 1/2 tablespoons of bagoong alamang and a sprinkle of Knorr granules. Simmer until eggplants become tender. Add some chicharon. You can also use tinapa flakes or chopped pork. Stir until chicharon becomes mushy. Kalma lang. Pampalasa ‘yan. Mamaya na yung malutong na chicharon. Turn off the heat.

4. Lastly, add the spinach. Wait for a minute or two before serving. If you don’t have spinach, you can use sili leaves, alugbati, sayote shoots, malunggay, dahon ng ampalaya, kangkong, or even katuray!

I put more chicharon and chopped tomatoes when I plate it. I don’t like cooking it with tomatoes because it will spoil quickly.

Oishi Porky Pops is baked, not deep fried so I guess it makes ii less eeevil. Hehe.

Of course, if you want your monggo soup-y, feel free to add more water. Just don’t forget to season it some more. If you don’t want to use bagoong alamang, you can use patis or salt.

This is best paired with paksiw na bangus. Hayayayayay! Sarap!!! :D


Have a happy Friday!

// listening to Simply Red – For Your Babies


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