Paddy’s Day 2013

St. Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint and national apostle. He is credited for bringing Christianity to the country. St. Patrick’s Festival or Patty’s/Paddy’s Day is celebrated not only in Ireland, but also countries with a large Irish population also observe this occasion.


It’s not big here in the Philippines, but hey, it is a good enough reason to consume copious amounts of alcohol like how it’s celebrated in many parts of the world. :p

We were set to welcome it in Murphy’s, the Irish pub in Rufino St. Makati that I used to frequent for quiz.

Had a couple of beers first in Le Cafe Curieux in Bel-air.


I would love to go back to this café to dine. Reviews say they offer great and inexpensive French food. Well, cost is relative. Checked their menu and entrees range from 300-700, so that’s not bad considering the cuisine. I’m definitely not going back there to drink though. A bottle of local beer for 120php? Maybe half of the payment was for the ambience. Their patio did look pretty.


Murphy’s. The pub was decked with shamrocks and we were welcomed by leprechauns. They ran out of gold (that’s what they said) so they gave us silver coins instead.

Just a trivia, the shamrock is associated with St. Patrick because it’s said that he used it to describe the Holy Trinity.

Murphy’s was packed with guests from different countries. It was nice to hang with Argentinians, Spanish, Norwegians, Americans, et cetera. Always great to see people from different corners of the world come together because of similar interests like drinking and fun!

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to all! :)

// listening to The Corrs – Love to Love You


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