Beda Love

I am a proud Bedan.

I spent the latter years of grade school, entire high school, and entire college in San Beda College Alabang. It was formerly called St. Benedict College and Benedictine Abbey School. We fondly call it Bene or Beda. Bene kapag 25 years old and above. :p

Yep, I was an Alabang Girl. *insert Andrew E’s song* But Beda Mendiola has a very VERY special spot in my heart.

I do not usually attend campus fairs, but I made a special request to be assigned in last week’s recruitment event in Beda Mendiola. The thought of being there for work and not kalokohan leisure most def amuses me. You see, I used to go there a lot in the mid-2000’s because I dated a Bedan. He will remain nameless, but I will say that he’s part of the basketball team. Hence, I took a picture of the Red Lions’ practice. Hehe.

image{with my colleague Cat}

The first place I visited was Our Lady of Montserrat Chapel. It’s one of my most favorite places to pray. The feel is very solemn and it’s exquisitely beautiful! Can I get married here even if I don’t end up with a Bedan?


My next stop was their Rector-President’s office. Fr. Aloysius Maranan, OSB was our highschool principal then college dean back in Bene. Gulat siya na binisita ko siya eh! Me, one of his pinakamabait na students! :)) Also found out that our rector back then, Father Tarsi, is now their abott. Father Basil is also now in Beda Manila! =)


Iya trivia: I took up psychology because I wanted it to be my pre-law. I wanted to take up law in Beda Mendiola. Beda Alabang didn’t offer law yet when I still wanted to be an abogada. Well, I obviously had a change of heart. Anywaaaay, I am proud to say that Beda Mendiola and Alabang have the highest percentage of board passers. :)


Couldn’t help taking a picture of this. Did you know that St. Benedict and St. Scholastica were twins? =)

I’m still confused with the connection between St. Benedict and St. Bede. I thought the latter was a disciple of the former. Anyone care to shed a light on this?


I wanted to get a jacket, but I didn’t see anything I liked, so I bought these shirts instead. I already left Beda when I got my boss Vincci’s (a Beda alumnus) message that there are better Beda apparel in this store at First Street. Too bad I didn’t get to go there because it was drizzling that afternoon. Sayang, may masarap na sisig pa naman somewhere out there. :p


My boss told me that I will be assigned in all of our sourcing activities in Beda. Hahaha! It’s nice to know that he knows how much love I have for this school.

Till next time, Beda! Animo!

// listening to The Bedan Hymn… in my head, hehe


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