Farewell, Pope Benedict XVI!

Pope Benedict XVI, may be less charismatic than the well-loved Pope John Paul II, and he may look like a stunt double for a Sith Lord of the dark force, but he has definitely won my respect and admiration.


It saddens me that today is his last day of papacy. He I trust that his decision of resigning is God-approved and the fruits of his almost one decade of being pontiff has made an impact in the realignment of the church to the teachings of Christ. His rigid traditionalism may be hard to digest for most of us, but he did manage to suprise us, too, with modern ways of reaching out– like tweeting! :)

I hope that when he is already Pope Emeritus, he will still continue inspiring others through his simple yet eloquent writings that mirror his utmost faith. In his first encyclical, he wrote, “Today the word “love” is so tarnished, so spoiled and so abused, that one is almost afraid to pronounce it with one’s lips. And yet it is a primordial word, expression of the primordial reality; we cannot simply abandon it, we must take it up again, purify it and give back to it its original splendor so that it might illuminate our life and lead it on the right path.” Beautiful. And real. This is something that I would want the next pope to also teach and uphold, especially this year that they heralded as the Year of Faith.

The Catholic Church has always faced and most likely will always face scandals and I believe that we need a pontiff that will continue the steadfast perseverance of Pope Benedict XVI in restoring the simple fact that being a Catholic is all about being like Christ, and being a Christian is about love, because God is Love– the fitting name of his first encyclical.

In his recent tweet, he asked for us to pray for him and for the Church, trusting as always in Divine Providence. I will surely include His Holiness in my prayers and trusting that God will bless the upcoming papal conclave with the outcome that He desires for all of us that He loves.


Godspeed, dear Pope Benedict XVI!!! :,)


// listening to Corrine May – Five Loaves and Two Fishes


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