Valentine’s 2013


I like to poke fun at my lovelife. That is the only explanation I have for the image above. I posted that on Facebook with the caption “Valentine’s ba kamo”. There were supposed to be two more images of me eating the donut and holding up an OK sign but I decided not to include them anymore because they’re blurred. But if they were there, in a nutshell, here’s all I wanted to say– love is nice… it frustrates you… you still like it… you eat it up… you become happy. :p

My friend Mike called me emo for it. I am not going to deny the fact that I’ve always been sentimental, a cheeseball even! But I’d rather be senti than bitter. :p I spent precious years of my life crying over what happened and what might have been and I am done with that!

My favorite pre-Valentine event was the dinner and drinks with my college bestfriends. It’s the 3rd time we celebrated the day of hearts in Jap’s house.


Oops. Sorry, the first was actually an anti-Vday party last 2008 because I just ended things J. Thinking about it now makes me want to throw up. Ang drama ko na, ang bitter ko pa! Hahahaha! But I do remember that that was quite a fun party that we had especially when raised our glass by 12mn and welcomed Feb 15— yehey! Hindi na Valentine’s! :))


The 2nd time was last 2011 when we had a coffee drinking party slash surprise party for my ex. Yep. Enzo should have been named Cupid or Valentino instead. It was also a fun event with some happy  memories but of course, things are different now. And I will leave it at that. LOL


This 3rd Valentine’s at Jap’s was very intimate. We had a simple dinner of lechon manok, nido soup with sesame oil and seeds (as requested by Donnie, kasi Chinese New Year daw), daing na bangus, and sauteed veggies. We had heart-shaped donuts, baked nachos, chocolates, rhum coke, and Chardonnay after. Just talked about random stuff and listened to Sting, The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Spice Girls.


Maybe it would have been nicer if I was able to spend the day with Mr.Right but not being in that kind of relationship won’t stop me from having a blast with my friends and loving them all the more! After all, love is not exclusive for romantic relationships!

What do you say, Hallmark? :p

// listening to Billy Joel – For The Longest Time


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