My Cucina Andare Merienda

I still feel like kicking myself for going to Cucina Andare without getting anything from the trucks, when the place is marketed as a food-truck market. =(


Well, I went there because I wanted to eat shawarma rice and my friend told me that I should try the Lamb Steak Plate from Shawarma Bros. Unfortunately, their truck wasn’t open yet when I arrived at 5pm.


I was badly craving so I settled for shawarma rice from one of the regular stalls. There were 20-30 tables and maybe 8 trucks when I visited Cucina Andare. I am not sure if the name of the stall I bought from was Shawarma Fusion. I didn’t like it. The beef was underseasoned and hard to chew!


I was going to get mochilato from the Mio Gelati truck when I passed by the Merry Moo stall and saw their Candied Bacon ice cream. Loved the creaminess of the ice cream, but I wish the bacon was a bit salty or smoky.


Going back to Cucina Andare to try my friends’ foodtruck recommendations- Shawarma Bros, QKebab, and The Cheese Steak Shop. I’d like to get a Winterfell Sandwich from Top Dog Gourmet Sausages just because of the name. :p Perhaps, I’ll have it with Ginger Ale or Stella Artois. Yes! They have alcoholic beverages! And also inexpensive cakes and pies! :D


Cucina Andare is located at Glorietta 3 Park infront of Shangrila Hotel Makati. OpIt’s open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 4pm to 3am.

// listening to Urban Dub – Sailing


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