80’s Carrie

Contrary to what my college besties always tell our friends, Samantha Jones is not my favorite among the 4 fabulous ladies of Sex and the City. It’s Carrie Bradshaw and it will always be Carrie Bradshaw. (Though I have times when I am like Charlotte. Yes, you read that right. Haha.)


Being a longtime fan made me curious about The CW’s The Carrie Diaries. The period drama is a prequel to the widely popular and successful comedy-drama series produced by HBO. Here, we can see Carrie as a highschool student in 1984. I don’t really care much for 80’s fashion, but I definitely love that era’s music.

Before Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, there were Maggie, Walt, and Mouse. And before there was Mr. Big, there was Sebastian Kydd.


Sebastian: “So you’re the princess who slays her own dragons.”
Carrie: “Someone has to. Might as well be me, right?”
Sebastian: “I’d slay a dragon for you.”

Before she became a hotshot columnist, she wrote in a journal. And this is an excerpt from her very first entry–
“I might have just lost my innocence, my virginity. And not to the guy I had hoped but to a different man. Man-hattan. And maybe it wouldn’t respect me or even remember me, but after tonight, I knew I’d never be the same.”

And you never were, kid.


I’m sure grownup Carrie is proud of her highschool self just as much as Sarah Jessica Parker is proud of Anna Sophia Robb. I wonder if the producers can get SJP to guest in TCD! That would be si cool… errr… TOTALLY RAD! ;P

// listening to Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


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