Goodbye, Wisdom Tooth! Part 2


The nightmare is over. My infected upper right wisdom tooth is out! I had the minor oral surgery last Saturday morning.

The extraction of my wizzie was a success- all four roots were pulled out even if the crown was already cracked. I did not experience swelling so much. My cheek only swelled for 30mins after the procedure. So much for the bags of ice I prepared!

I did not experience pain either. No pain during the surgery because I prayed so hard (seriously) and I was anaesthesized perfectly by my dentist Dr. Tugade (who also happens to be the dentist of the Binays). He was assisted by his sister (my main dentist), Dra. Carandang who chose Les Miserables to play while my tooth was being extracted. I believe Jean Valjean was singing when I heard a crack and doctora shouted, “It’s a boy!” when my wizzie was pulled out.

The surgery took only 30 minutes. I was asked to rest for 3-4 days to make the healing process fast. I had to be careful not to dislodge the bloodclot from the extraction site. I avoided getting a dry socket because according to my dentist (and Google), that hurts like hell.

I only ate ice cream on the first day and by the second day, I was already sick of it, so I switched to chilled oatmeal.

I went to the dental clinic earlier to know if the bloodclot formed well and if I could already eat normal food. Doc said, instead of a bloodclot in the extraction site, there is granular tissue. Meaning, my healing process is pretty quick. Meaning, I can eat normal food now, provided I chew on the opposite site of where the wisdom tooth was pulled out. So for dinner, I made tomato soup with sausages and cheesy garlicky mashes potato sweet potato.

I was still advised not to talk much so that the healing will not be disrupted. Doc said I’ll be fully okay by the weekend which is fantastic because I’m scheduled to eat at Sofitel’s Sunset Buffet!

Yipeeee!!! I’m very happy that I’ve gotten over my fear of dentists! Thank you Lord for sending forth knowledgeable and kind dentists my way! My dentists’ clinic is located at the 2F of the Executive Building, Gil Puyat Ave corner Makati Ave. Do visit if you have any dental concerns! Look for Dra. Carandang or Dra. Aligaen. They’re sisters. :) As in family of dentists! Ang perfect siguro ng ngipin ng buong angkan nila pati mga pets nila! :p

P.S. I’m so tempted to post a picture of my bloody extracted third molar just to gross all of you out!!!

// listening to Roxette – Listen to Your Heart


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Wisdom Tooth! Part 2

    • lizzie! just saw your comment because i’m rereading my post. tatanggalan kasi ako ng isa pang wisdom tooth! :( i do hope pag lumabas ang wizzies mo eh in good form sila para hindi ka na mabunutan. my dentist is great but yung hassle na i cant talk after! huhuhu! ang daldal ko pa naman!

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