Coffee 5

I remember a pop-psych quiz that one is asked to give an adjective upon hearing a word. I always described coffee as addictive. My prof said it’s how I saw sex. What if I described it as weak? Or bitter? LOL


Some think that I’m a coffee addict just because I hung out at Cinnzeo a lot back in college. Truth be told, doon kasi may bottomless coffee! Estudyante pa dati, kaya walang gaanong pera pang-Starbucks! And when I was broke, it’s just me + a cup of Nescafe + cigz in my room.


I’ve always liked coffeeshops. It’s very conducive to instrospection. When I was still studying in UP, you’d find me sipping an Italian blend and eating choco lava cake in Oz. It’s a quiet, artsy cafe at the Bahay ng Alumni. When I had extra money, I went to Chocolate Kiss for their regular brew and dayap cake.


My favorite coffee treat is tiramisu. But I don’t know if this will still be the case when I make this mini coffee cheesecake. Just typing the damn name already makes me salivate.


If I were When my bestfriend Jap gets married, I think special coffee bags will be a great gift for the guests. Perfect Blend. How cheesey, di’ba? Nice for a rustic, romantic wedding.


Anyhoodles, kasal na naiisip ko. Kulang lang yata ako sa kape.

Happy weekend everyone!

// listening to Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less and Less


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