Darwin & Margie- 5 for 33!


It’s my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary this January 20 and I dedicate these five things to them.


Coconut caramel bars remind me of bucayo. Bucayo is young coconut cooked in brown sugar and formed into small balls or bars. My mom’s bff told me that when Mama was still single, one of her suitors always gave Baby Ruth but she preferred the bucayo that her friend (my Dad) always gave her as pasalubong from Pangasinan. So yes, nadaan pala sa bucayo ang nanay ko. Haha! May pinagmanahan talaga ako. :p


They already have a rocking chair and if I do get them a tablet as an anniversary gift, they would have to install that thingie that holds the tablet. I’d love it if they paint the chair fuschia too!


I grew up watching Jackie Chan movies with my parents. I wish I could go home end of January to bring them to Harbor Point in Subic and watch Jackie’s last action movie, Chinese Zodiac.


Gardening takes a lot of my parents’ time. They enjoy tending our little vegetable garden that has tomatoes, eggplants, chilis, sigarillas (winged bean), batao (hyacinth bean), okra and other bahay kubo veggies. I plan to show them how to make a vertical garden so they can maximize our small backyard.


Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life played a big part on my parents’ walk of faith. My parents’ walk of faith played a big part on mine. My parents’ were the first people who taught me about God and taught me about love. Happy 33rd year of love to my Daddy and Mama!!!

// listening to the American Idol auditions


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