Goodbye, Wisdom Tooth! Part 1

I had my aching upper right third molar (aka wisdom tooth) x-rayed yesterday.

Boooo because my dentist told me that the infected tooth really has to be extracted. If I get all bratty and resist, my gums will be filled with abscess and I will die it’s gonna be so yucky I might be forced to kill myself it will damage all of my precious teeth, which will make me ugly. :(


Yaaay because the extraction seems easy enough. Two hours of surgery doesn’t sound bad. My dentist is also the dentist of my boss. Ace had 2 of his wisdom teeth removed by Dra. Carandang and he told me that “magaan ang kamay ni doktora”.

It’s the recovery period that looks challenging. Imagine, I can’t speak for 3-4 days! I mean, hello? Sa daldal kong ito? Effort, di’ba? The suggestion that I should just eat ice cream or froyo on the first day of recovery is something I look forward to though. Ano ba ang masarap na flavor ng sorbetes ngayon? :D

I’m getting my tooth extracted next, next weekend. No reason to wait that long for ice cream. Caramel sundae (and fries!!!) to celebrate, in advance, the successful extraction.



// listening to DMB – Stay


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Wisdom Tooth! Part 1

  1. Aaaaaaaaah! I hate dentists (although medyo binoypren ko ang dentist ko when I was in college. LOL). I’m afraid I have to go through this din (not soon, hopefully). My wisdom teeth are still dormant.

    Enjoy the ice cream/ice-cold treats and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    • Naku! Just saw your comment! Revisiting my post kasi I have to get another wisdom tooth removed! :,(

      I will definitely eat lots of ice cream. French salted caramel ice cream with bananas! Woohoo!

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