Five Things 001

It’s a rainy Friday today.

I have never made roasted pumpkin or squash (what’s the difference?) soup even if it’s my favorite after mushroom soup. Rainy days turn me into a sloth. Is there any yummy instant pumpkin soup?


My umbrella now is small, foldable, and black printed with bunnies. I want a big rainbow ella-ella. I saw one in Forever 21 but it doesn’t look sturdy.


I know my hair is already getting longer because it’s becoming noticeably heavier by the day. (masakit na leeg ko, hehe) I can’t wait to do a messy braid like this. (And is Tresémé nice? I just switched to L’Oreal and it’s been making my frizzy hair behave. Thinking if it’s worth to make another switcheroo.)


If I were to have a dog, it would be a pomeranian, a lab, or a pug. Look at this sweetheart. Don’t you just wanna cuddle him to make sure he won’t freeze his little doggy ass off?


I think this image is very pretty. So pretty that I will make it my cover photo in Facebook. Are we Facebook friends? Not yet? Add me up.


Have a cozy Friday!

// listening to Mandy Moore – It’s Gonna Be Love


2 thoughts on “Five Things 001

  1. so easy to make pumpkin/squash soup! I do it all the time. Just boil the squash, drain. blend (optional. pag tamad ako I just mash with fork). Add Cream (all purpose nestle cream) and water probably a cup.

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